The Benefits Of Elder Care Coordination

The senior healthcare continuum is a face-paced and ever changing service. The doctors, nurses and social workers work very hard to provide great service but don’t often have time to effectively explain care to elderly patients and their family.

An Elder Care Coordinator is an advocate for seniors and their families that stands with them as they navigate the senior health care system. This unique service helps seniors get healthcare service from the providers they chose while getting the quality service they deserve.

What is an Elder Care Coordinator?

  • An experienced professional with intimate knowledge of the senior healthcare system and the services available to seniors and their families.
  • An advocate who has the best interest of the elder in mind. Not the bottom line of a healthcare provider.
  • An advisor who constantly evaluates providers in order to recommend the very best service in your area.
  • An insider who understands how each service works behind the scenes and builds a culture of accountability between provider and patient.

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What can Elder Care Coordination do?

  • Advocate for elderly patients on their behalf to promote quality service and positive treatment outcomes.
  • Help caregivers and family members develop and execute a long-term care plan designed to meet unique healthcare needs.
  • Save money and resources from long-term care cost by helping the elder age-in-place while living in the least restrictive healthcare environment.
  • Help manage and coordinate home care service to cost efficiently meet the elder’s unique healthcare needs.
  • Liaison with healthcare service providers to build a culture of accountability and promote positive treatment outcomes.
  • Help clients find assisted living or nursing facilities and assist with easing adjustment to new home environment.
  • Monitor services and provide information to concerned family members or Power of Attorney.

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About Tony Fischer

As an advocate for elders and their families, Tony has experience in the entire healthcare continuum. He has worked in hospitals, nursing homes, home care, hospice, and non-profits. His vast and unique experience led him to become a consultant that helps clients navigate the senior healthcare system. Tony also works hand and hand with healthcare providers to improve and streamline customer service. The company he founded with his wife Lori, Elder Advocacy Group Inc, advocates for seniors and senior health issues. They do this through the innovative concepts of Life Care Planning and Elder Care Coordination. Through these concepts Tony is able to help elders and their families plan to age successfully on their terms by protecting their right to choose the healthcare services they want provided in the place they want it. Tony shares his talents with other senior advocacy groups like the Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council where he advises a non-profit serving seniors in Wayne County, Michigan. He also produces FREE online content for seniors and their families