Elderly Woman Wins Lottery, Buys Nursing Home

Southeast Michigan Nursing Home – It was the meat loaf that finally did it.  The bland luke warm hunk of meat was the latest in a series of incidents that finally pushed Bernice Fischarski to exclaim “Pretty soon things are gonna change around here!”

“Here” is Sunnyside Nursing Home in Southeast Michigan, a quiet little place with weekly bingo games, daily wheelchair exercise and a menu that left a lot to be desired.  Bernice had always been the best cook in her family. For that reason she had some trouble adjusting to the daily mystery meat and runny oatmeal being churned out by Sunnyside’s kitchen staff.

“It was that hunk of meatloaf they served on Valentines Day.” Said the 85-year-old “It had me pert near ready to start a riot. And it wouldn’t take much. Everyone hates the food.” Bernice was used to cooking for the entire family on Sundays.  Polish Sausage, Stuffed Cabbage, and perogies were just some of the things on the menu for Sunday feast.

“I told the chef in the kitchen that his food was terrible and I wouldn’t eat it in a famine”, said Bernice hungrily, “I also told him that if I owned the place I would fire him so fast it would make his head spin”

“My Mom really really hates the food here. One day she had me sneak in a roll of smoked kielbasa under my coat so she could snack on it in her room.” said Bernice’s son Bifford. “I got some strange looks from the nurses that day, that misunderstanding almost got me arrested!”

In early March things started to change for the better at Sunnyside as it was announced a new ownership group was interested in buying the nursing home. A mystery to everyone but Bernice, who had just won $223 million in the Michigan Lottery the month before.

When she rolled into the kitchen and fired the chef she revealed to the staff she was the new owner.  That’s the only change she made, she kept the rest of the staff. “The other people that work here are alright I guess” said Bernice. “Besides I don’t’ know anything about running a nursing home but I do know how to cook.”

Needless to say the menu has seen a significant improvement since Bernice took over as owner. “Who knew a chunk of bad meatloaf could make such a positive change” opined Mr. Drucker a resident at Sunnyside. “Now the food is great but the coffee, don’t get me started on the coffee.”

This unbelievable story of rags to riches is made even more unbelievable by the fact that it is not even close to being true.  That said I hope you enjoyed a little April Fools fun from Elder Advocacy Group.

Nursing Home Food Service: A Serious Issue

We had a little fun with fiction here but Nursing Home food is vital part of the a residents health.  According to a study by NCBI one of the most common complaints from nursing home residents was about the food. The effects of bad food go beyond typical mumbling and grumbling. Residents who complained about the food were less likely to eat all of their meals leading decreased cognitive ability and an increase in depressive symptoms.

Its studies like these that have nursing homes taking another look at food service. In fact nursing homes are so serious about improving food service they have begun to look outside the healthcare industry.  Unidine, a food service company featured in a 2015 piece on NPR, has brought restaurant style dining to over 120 nursing facilities.

The company runs the kitchens in about 120 other senior living facilities around the country. In all of them you can find the company’s Fresh Food Pledge, posted on a wall and signed by every member of the kitchen staff. It says that all salad dressings, sauces and stocks will be made fresh, food will be locally sourced, they’ll only use eggs from cage-free chickens, meats without hormones or antibiotics, and so on.

Food is a big part of the life experience and any nursing home you choose should serve food you’d be happy to eat. Elder Advocacy Group helps elders and their families navigate the senior healthcare system while advocating for quality care.  we may not be able to cook the food, but we can help you find a nursing home that serves great meals along with providing great health care.

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