Life Care Planning: A Plan For Life

Most people have a picture about what their life will be like when they retire. Relaxing in their favorite place, surrounded by their favorite people without the day to say stress of having to work.  Some lucky people are able to realize their dream retirement but health problems, fluctuations in financial resources and family issues cause most of us to alter their plan in order to adjust to changes. A health care or financial crisis can throw any retirement plans into a tailspin unless the plan accounts for these changes.

Life Care Planning is an innovative concept that combines both the legal and logistical aspects of aging.  A Life Care Plan not only organizes your legal and health care decisions for today but can be adjusted to accommodate changes in the plan brought about varying health and financial conditions.  It is truly a plan for Life that can protect your right to make health care choices and the resources you need to get the long-term care services you want.

According to the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association, Life Care Planning is defined as:

a holistic, elder-centered approach to the practice of law that helps families respond to every challenge caused by chronic illness or disability of an elderly loved one. The goal of Life Care Planning is to promote and maintain the good health, safety, well-being, and quality of life of elders and their families.

The key part of the Life Care Plan is family. Without involvement from your family or an advocate your retirement plan doesn’t have the support it needs to be effective. A family member or advocate should have an intimate understanding of your plan so they can make sure your health care and legal decisions are honored.

The challenge for family is that they don’t always understand the health care system. For that reason the Life Care Planning includes lifetime support for both legal and elder care coordination. It provides a constant access to expert advisors to help you adjust to unexpected challenges. Your Life Care Plan advisors can help  you prepare for the inevitable challenges presented by aging.

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Aging Well and Aging in Place presents its own set of unique challenges. A Life Care Planning approach is unique because it accounts for the normal process of aging.

From the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association:

The heart of the elder-centered law practice, a Life Care Plan defines, organizes, prioritizes, and mobilizes every aspect of an elder’s care. In addition to traditional asset-focused elder law services such as estate planning, asset preservation, and public benefits qualification, a Life Care Plan typically includes provisions for care coordination, family education, health care and financial decision-making, care advocacy, crisis intervention, support and other services. Every Life Care Plan is designed to achieve three primary objectives

Make sure the elder gets appropriate care, whether at home or in a residential facility, to maintain the quality of life that he or she desires.

Locate public and private sources to help pay for long-term care while resolving issues created by the high cost of care.

Offer peace of mind that results when the right choices are made to ensure loved ones are safe and getting the right care while preserving family resources.

The Founder of Elder Advocacy Group Tony Fischer and Brandon Thomson are well versed in the Life Care Planning approach.

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